The First Muster by renowned artist Don Troiani

Optional Accessories

Below is a list of optional accessories to compliment your Newtowne matchlock musket. Some of these accessories can be seen in the painting above "The First Muster" by renowned artist Don Troiani. For a limited time we are also offering a framed giclee print of the First Muster (for pricing information please see our order form).

Musket Rest

The musket rest was standard equipment with the matchlock musket.  It supported the musket while firing, priming and adjusting the matchcord.  After firing, it was used as a short lance for close quarter fighting, a precursor to bayonets that attached to later military weapons. Available for $175.00

Powder & Ammo Bandelier

The bandolier was standard equipment during the matchlock musket era into the early 1700's. They typically included 8 to 12 powder containers, a priming container, and a bullet bag at the bottom end of the bandolier. Available for $295.00

Match Cord

Nitrated, twisted 3/8" Sisal Match Cord. Six foot length available for $9.95

Musket Balls

Fill the ammo bag on your bandolier with these hand-cast, pure lead, .735 round musket balls. Packs of 10 are available for $9.95


The Exercise of Arms contains a reprint of all 117 engravings in Jacob De Ghyen's Circa 1608 book, which was the standard military manual of the day for musket owners. All 117 engravings from this classic 17th-century military manual shows step-by-step, how to load, shoot and fight with a matchlock musket. Paperback version available for $29.95


Mantle-Desk stand for displaying your musket and rest.  Available for $195.00

Wall Mount

Wall display mount for displaying your musket, musket rest and bandolier together. Available for $195.00

The First Muster

"The First Muster," by renowned artist Don Troiani, is available for a limited time through this special offer. A 25-by-35 inch giclee textured print, including a professional gold frame as shown, is available for $1,000.00, plus shipping and handling costs. [With insurance, shipping estimates range from $75-$250 depending on destination.]

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The optional Accessories

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The Original

The original, a .75 caliber (3/4-inch musket ball) matchlock musket.  Due to the unique stock styling and construction techniques shows it was manufactured in America.

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The Reproduction

The replica is being manufactured by The Rifle Shoppe in Jones, Oklahoma.  Which is known for historically correct reproductions with attention to even the smallest details.

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The Accessories

The painting of The First Muster above shows Musketeers using Musket Rests as well as the Powder & Ammo Bandolier, these items are shown and offered on the Accessories page.

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